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When was the last time you shadowed your sales reps?

If it wasn't yesterday, you're burning money.

  • "We used to have a bottleneck with our trainers who could only get around to shadow sales reps once per month. With Siro, our reps can be trained every single day on their actual encounters with customers."

    Chase Williams, President of Sales
  • Siro's technology allows everyone to hear and understand what is driving decisions, and how to identify the key pain for customers.

    Tyler Gill, Director of Strategic Sales
  • "This app is a game-changer for the industry. Being able to see what people are actually saying is completely different from role-playing."

    Colin Hughes, District Manager

We know your team is good, but they could be great.

70% of sales reps are coached no more than once per month. 

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    To virtually shadow a rep
  • 10x
    Time Savings
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    Sales teams trust Siro

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How It Works

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    Reps Record

     Reps use Siro to record in-person conversations. iPad? iPhone? Android? No problem.

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    Siro Analyzes

    Siro automatically transcribes and bookmarks conversations so you can jump right into the action.

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    Coaches Coach

    Leave precise in-line coaching to your sales reps. No more wishy-washy, hand-wavy, she said he said games.

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    Keep Learning

    Share clips of real customer conversations so that everyone can learn from the best in the company. Onboard new reps faster, and let veterans continuously improve.

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Book a 15-min demo to see if Siro can 10x your coaching.

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